Weddings & Events

Weddings & Events

La Veronica Resort is an excellent venue for small and medium size wedding receptions and family reunions up to 50 persons but ideally between 20 to 30 persons.
Its privileged location is close to main airports such as Florence, Pisa, Rome, Perugia and Bologna and major motorways and highways yet set in pristine Tuscan countryside.
It is also located close to all major Tuscan destinations, celebrated landscapes, cities of art, wine production areas and fashion malls.
La Veronica Resort has a reputed restaurant catering delicious Italian recipes with a focus in regional food. We have the chance to use of the best organic ingredients  in our catering, especially wheat (using local breeds and grains) and other cereals, rare herbs and organic meats. 

The estate is composed by a main villa complex called La Veronica Resort (the venue) and another Small Cottage.
We can accommodate up to 30 people in total.

La Veronica Resort (main venue) with 13 double bedrooms totaling 26 sleeps. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. The accommodation is divided in 3 apartments.
The Cottage  has 2 double bedroom with bathroom adding 4 extra sleeps.

Larger groups can be accommodated in nearby properties (we provide a detailed list)

La Veronica Resort has a large park with many panoramic terraces and a pool area.

The estate is nestled amidst pristine nature-dense forests, open valleys and rolling green hills covered in vineyards yet close to major attractions (art cities, hilltop villages, famous landscapes, reputed vineyards) but also main highways for an easy access.


Ideally, for parties from 20 to 50 persons

Anyone looking for a friendly and informal environment with typical countryside character


It offer a good value: high standard accommodation and services at reasonable prices

Professional and friendly staff with almost two decades of experience

You will offer your family and friends the opportunity to enjoy a memorable stay in a beautiful location in the heart in Tuscany and a culinary experience
Its central location in the region means that it easily accessible and day-trips to all the most famous cities and places of interest
You can combine your event and relaxing holiday with some interesting art and culture, cooking classes and wine tour

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